Monday, September 11, 2006

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The news of the week is that our workshop for Saturday is canceled!! Now I can stick around and have Peter do a lot of things around the farm. I hope to finish the last portion of our fence that we ordered and then I am going to tear into my tractors and rebuild one good one. It is getting time to think about tractor work. I also need to save up some chores for Easter weekend when Dave, the workhorse, will be home.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Okay so we have this sofa and loveseat in our family room that we've had for a number of years. Due to our latest upcoming remodeling project, the furniture has to go. Kathy, very sweetly(??!!), offers the sofa and loveseat to Sarah who lives about 200 miles away. So this past weekend we load up the truck (we don't move to Beverleee) with the sofa as aweel as our luggage and set off to Grandview.

We leave about 6:00 but before we barely get out of Flint Hill, I notice one of the suitcases flapping and had Pete get out and secure it. Do you see where this is going?

Just outside of Warrenton, a car with Tennessee plates pulls alongside and a lady is screaming something at us. We stop on the shoulder and she says we lost a bag along the highway barrier about a mile back. Being from Tennessee, I would have thought this was a common occurence except it would be burlap sacks instead of luggage.

We go to the next exit and then turn around to go back two exits and them proceed back west, looking for our valuable clothing. By now it is gettng pretty dark but we spot a shirt on the highway and more stuff along the center barrier. By the time we could get pulled over, Pete and I had to hike about a half mile and then race across a 70 mph interstate at the end of rush hour to get in position to grab our valuables. I had visions of being splattered by onrushing Peterbuilts but we kept to our task. We actually each managed to gather about an armful of stuff although Peter made me carry Kathy's unmentionables. The suitcase was a total loss, shredded into 3 or 4 pieces. I was fortunate to find my toiletry kit but when I picked it up it was apparent that someone had run over it and exploded the Gillette Foamy Comfort Guide shaving cream, creating a rather nasty mess. We decided enough was enough and dashed back across the traffic lanes and hiked to the truck where we threw everything in the back seat.

Amazingly I think we recovered everything but a slipper. It was all pretty dirty (though, as my friend Kevin said, it gives new meaning to skidmarks!)

We then continue on our journey, stopping once more to bungee up cushions and wedging them in the truck. We stopped near Blue Springs to replace the suitcase and and toiletries (more Gillette Foamy Comfort Guide shaving cream) and headed on to Sarah's where we finally arrived about 11:30. We assessed the damage, threw everything into the washer and went to bed.

The next morning, Pete and I went out to carry in the sofa that started all this. I went back inside to ask Kathy what she did with the cushions (can you tell where this is going?) She looked astonished and after a rather stupid silence we came to realize that we must have lost them on the trip. AARRGGHH!

After paying Goodwill to take our now-useless sofa, we actually had a nice visit. We left early Sunday to go home. Around Boonville, wouldn't you know it? Guess what I saw in the median of the highway?

Yep - and they were trashed. Now we are stuck with an unmatched loveseat.

I fell a little silly about all of this but I think most of the blame should fall on Kathy for offering the sofa to Sarah in the first place. Now I'm afraid we'll end up buying one for her since we didn't deliver as promised.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Well today I handed over most of my Crown Quarry files so my life is getting less complicated. On the other hand, the PipeCo gig is going to be more work than I imagined as my right hand man is the worst procrastinator in the county - no comments please. At least I make deadlines even if I have to work all night. Steve just acts as if a deadline is a floating target! Any suggestions? I am starting to set deadlines a couple of days early so maybe that will help.

Peter was a puker the other day and missed school. With his illness he suffered a setback in his track activities and now can't throw the frisbee as far. At least it uses an object so it counts as a real sport!

This weekend is the chorus retreat, Kathy is going to learn how to be a better wife at Hearts at Home and Pete is off to some wild coed cabin party weekend. So if anyone needs to burglarize the house... watch out for the Terry the vicious wonderdog.

Oh, I forgot! Gateway Crushing has finally decided on a machine, the Metso Materials Nordberg LokoTrak 1213. Pretty spiffy!

never mind

sorry, i need to do this nothing post although i guess i could use the knitting blog of which i am a member, thanks to Sarah.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

For those who have been missing something trivial in your lives, I am back! It has been kind of nutty lately plus Sarah had accidentally signed me up on some knitting blog and it throws me off kilter whenever I get ready to log on and post.

This morning I am taking David to the airport to go see his beloved in the Czech Republic. I hope she teaches him a little old world respect for his elders while he is there. If so, he may be reinstated in the inheritance.

We still haven't bought a crusher but I think we are close. At least we have a name: Gateway Crushing, LLC. Kind of blah but it says what we do and everyone agreed on it. Cool logo, huh? The designer is a genius with an IQ of around 139!

I am about 2 days from being uninvolved in Crown Quarry which is fine with me. There is such an air of negativity up there. A good thing happened; one of the operators at the quarry got fed up the situation and quit. He is coming to work for us to operate the crusher. His name is Jeff and he is a good guy. Come to think of it, other than the workers at the fireworks stand, this is the first person that ever actually worked for me as an employee. MES doesn't count as I only had a very small percentage of the company and certainly wasn't in charge of the whole corporation. This is kind of cool.

If any of you are looking for someone to be a confidant and guide, my advice is to find a good spiritual director. It is very freeing to be able to open up to someone who has no agenda other than to help your to become a better person. It may seem a little goofy at first and you may think that it's only for clergy or real holy people, but I see advantages for anyone. A good spiritual director will accpet you no matter where you are in life.

Monday, February 13, 2006

This is great! We have a class Synoptic Gospels in which we are encouraged to bring a laptop. The teacher is brilliant but very boring so many of us do other things besides type notes or look up references. The good thing s that he takes no break so we finish at 8:30. Plus the class is at Kenrick Seminary so it's 10 minutes closer to home.

One thing- when concerning the Magi, there is nothing that says that there were 3 of them nor that they were kings.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

One of the great advances is wireless high-speed in hotels. They even have it here in Chestnut Mountain, which doesn't yet have cable TV in the rooms.

We are at Chestnut for the annual trek to the great white area of northern Illinois. There is a lot of snow on the ski slopes but none anywhere else. We are fortunate to have reasonably cold weather for our stay. I am looking forward to having a couple of days away from work.

Last night we ate at Jim's Rib Haven, a local tradition in Rock Island. It was fabulous although Kathy choked on a chicken bone when she realized that it would cost more than an extra value meal at Burger King. When we go on a trip such as this, we only eat at places that can't be found around home.

The hotel was nice but the rooms were small. Perhaps it had something to do with six people trying to sleep in two beds and a floor. What does La Quinta mean? In Mexico a big country home surrounded by guest cottages were called ‘La Quinta Rosa’. It may also refer to a type a hacienda or rest stop reached every five days on a long journey via either foot or horseback. Settlers traveling from Arabia to Palm Springs and/or Los Angeles would stop at designated areas along the way. The stop referred to as La Quinta, was the fifth stop of the journey, quinta meaning fifth.

David tried to buy gas without paying today and almost got tossed in the pokey. He was under the illusion that I had paid for his when he tried to drive off. The alert attendant flew out the door to dive in front of the car. Good thing Dave was paying attention.

We also geocached a couple of places in the Quad Cities but it was very cold. We found 2 out of 3 caches, one being the first ever found by Kathy.

I got a hair cut at the mall last night and the cutter girl kept responding to every comment with "right on!" Maybe okay for a 20-ish girl but she was about 25 with a husband and a 5 year old. A little odd.